Bellahusk Siberians

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Welcome to our Homepage, where we want to introduce our Bellahusk Husky type . We want to get
you closer to our breeding plan, we want you to see what we do and what we want in our breeding

We are not going to talk about officially Husky Standard (those facts you can find online, although that
can be quite confusing). Here we want to talk about how we see a Bellahusk dog. It is our type but as a
part of official standard.

Every breed has its own purpose!

Siberian Husky belongs to polar working dog group. Main and original purpose of Huskies was a long-
distance transport as a team.

This are very important fact so that we can understand what a Siberian Husky should look like for the
purpose mentioned above.

The essential thing about the appearance of Siberian Husky is balance. Balance of a strength, speed and

How should a Siberian Husky look like so that it couldsatisfy these characteristics?

Bellahusk Husky must be athletic. That is the cornerstone and the most important thing for his original


(drawing by Erika Tcogoeva)

Husky is well-built, middle sized dog, with agile and easy movement.

The next essential thing about this dog is well-built skeleton.Any exception to this rule would be either
lack of strength or reduced endurance.

The proportions play an important role for the original purpose of this dog.

Legs should be a bit longer than depth of chest, and the length of the body is only slightly longer than
the height of the dog.

Hair should be thick , but not toothick to hide outline and contour of the dog.

Movement is balanced, flexible and agile. Husky must not have a flying movement, he should move easy
and gently and must convince you to low energy consumption. That should be the first impression about
this dog being in a movement.

Working dog or exhibition dog? Such a division does not exist. There is only Siberian Husky!



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