Bellahusk Siberians


Proudly announce litter "M". This is repeated combination. Expected in mid-June.
This is last litter of our amazing girl Pusia.
Feel free to contact us.


Proudly announce litter "X".
Inbreeding on Inter CH Icily Air Walker "Vito".
Expected in mid-june.
Feel free to contact us.


21.01/22.01.2017. Double CAC shows in Timisoara, Romania,
Bellahusk's White Line - Amer showed under judges Zsolt Csaba Lokodi (HU) and Roberto Schill (RO) and won 2x JBOB, BOB and rBOG. Amer is 11 months old!
Presented by: Doroteja Malešević

Amer Amer

07.01.2017. Nice news from Hungary!
Hungarian Champion Show:
Bellahusk Send Me a Sign aka Wayne got 1st place and Best of Breed!!
Judge: Julija Aidietience (LT)
Presented by: Renata Bense


04.12.2016. International dog show Belgrade 2016, the biggest show in Serbia.
We showed our young, 10 months old boy Bellahusk's White Line - AMER, it was his debut and 2nd dog show at all for him and made us very proud.
He was Junior BEST OF BREED under judge: Ekatarina Senashenko (RUS) and Junior BEST OF GROUP under Denis Kuzelj (BG)!!
Amer was presented by: Doroteja Malešević
Grooming: Sapica Zoka


05.11.2016. CACIB Bratislava (SVK)
Bellahusk's Send Me A Sign - Wayne got Excellent 1, CAC and CACIB
Judge: Zdenka Jilkova


06.11.2016. Wayne got Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB and BEST OF BREED
Judge: Karban Antonín


10.09.2016. Germany, DCNH Clubwinnershow , Bellahusk's Whole My Day made his show debut and took VP1. Owner. Tanja Vogele.
Judge: Maria Grazia Miglietta (IT)

Whole My Day

03-04.09.2016. Our young boy Bellahusk's White Line - Amer made his show debut in CACIB-2xCAC Gradiska (BiH).
He is showed 3 times in two days (puppy class), all three times he won BOB puppy.
More important is that he was very good in ring and expressed his temperament in front of the judges PEHAR TINO (HR), GIANFRANCO BAUCHAL (IT) and dr DARKO DROBNJAK (SRB) and got nice descriptions.
Amer was presented by Doroteja Malešević


27.08.2016. Hungary in Velence were 2 dogshow on one day. Our boy BISS CH Bellahusk Send Me a Sign (Wayne) made very good results.
On the first show:
Excellent 1, CAC, Best of Breed and BEST OF GROUP
Judge: Ruth Wagner(LUX)
On the second show:
Excellent 1, CAC, Best of Breed and RESERVE BEST OF GROUP
Judge: Csépai István (HU)
Wayne was presented by Renáta Bense


24.07.2016. Oradea CACIB and Debrecen Night CACIB:
Wayne, Bellahusk Send Me a Sign got 2x Excellent 1 and 2x CAC and became NEW HUNGARIAN AND ROMANIAN CHAMPION !!
03.07.2016. CAC Herend (HU) Bellahusk Send Me a Sign aka Wayne won Excellent 1, CAC, Best of Breed, and BEST OF GROUP III !
26.06.2016 CAC Surcin (SRB) – Bellahusk's Rawle Marshall won JBOB and became Junior Champion of Serbia. Judge: Mile Nikic (SRB)

Wayne Wayne

22.05.2016. Fantastic day at Nationasl dog show Kapuvár (HU)!
Bellahusk Send Me a Sign aka Wayne got:
Excellent 1, CAC, Best of Breed, and BEST OF GROUP III.
Judge: László Erdős (HU)

Wayna Kapuvar CAC

21.05.2016. VIII Speciality dog show for V FCI Belgrade (SRB) our boy Icili's Air Walker - Vito won BOB !
Judge: Igor Vyguzov (Russia)
Many thanks to Sasa Milojkovic for handling and excellent presentation.

Vito BG Spec

27.03.2016. Very successful day at National dog show S. Mitrovica today.
We showed 3 dogs.
Halizen's Silverr Starr aka Duncan won open class and with this tittle he finished Seriban CH !
Our big hope Bellahusk's Red Sonja aka Empress (junior class) won JCAC on her very fist show, she was very nice and behave very well. I am very proud on her..
At the and Bellahusk's Rawle Marshall won, JCAC, JBOB, BOB and finally BOG II with just one year ! He was presented by his co-owner Dusan Domazet.
Judge: Mr Trifun Mitrovic

S.Mirovica 01 S.Mirovica 02

06.03.2016. IDS CACIB Belgrade, Vito took CAC, R-CACIB. I am really happy to be in ring with him again. Judge: Roberto Schill (RO)

Belgrade IDS

26.02.2016. Fantastic news!
Bellahusk Send Me A Sign - Wayne awarded by Hungarian SLEDDOG BREEDS CLUB and won Baby/Puppy Promise of 2015, Young Clubstar 2015

Wayne 0226

20.02.2016. FeHoVa CACIB
Bellahusk Send Me A Sign took CAC, Res.CACIB
Judge: Dr. Váczi-Balogh Zsuzsanna (H)
20.02.2016. SZKKE Speciál Kiállítás
Bellahusk Send Me A Sign won CAC.
Judge: Carmen Navarro Guisado (ESP)

Wayne 0220

06.12.2015. - IDS Belgrade
Halizen's Silver Starr - Duncan took CAC, R-CACIB (open class)
Jugde: Spela Briski Cirman

Duncan IDS BG 2015

25.10.2015. BISS/JBISS/PBISS/JCH Bellahusk's Send Me A Sign "Wayne" did a nice job again !
Today on Bratislava CACIB:
Exc1, CAJC, Junior BOB, BOB, JBOG, selected to top 7 in BOG
Breed: Delmar Sean (Ireland)
JBOG&JBIS: Vaclavik Miroslav
BOG: Havelka Tibor

Wayne Bratislava

24.10.2015. Bratislava CACIB:
Bellahusk Send Me a Sign "Wayne": Excellent 1, CAJC, Best Junior.
Judge: Havelka Tibor

11.10.2015. Fantastic day on Komàrom (Hungary) Derby CACIB!
Bellahusk Send Me a Sign aka Wayne won Excellent 1, HPJ, Derby Winner, Best Derby, Best of Breed and Best of Group III.
Judges: Bob: Sanja Vretenicic(MN) Bog: Bozhinovski Pero(MK)


26.09.2015. International Dog Show CACIB Gornji Milanovac we showed just one dog:
Halizen's Silver Starr aka Duncan (intermedia class) took best of breed !
Judge: Milic Ralic (SRB)


20.09.2015. International dog show Gradiška (BIH), Judge: Mr. Nemanja Jovanović (SRB):
- Bellahusk Stephan Mr. Blue (Blue) - exc.1, JCAC, JBOB and BOS ! Whit this results in all three shows Blue became JCh BIH !


19.09.2015. Speciality dog show for V FCI, Gradiška (BIH), Bellahusk Stephan Mr. Blue - exc.1, JCAC, JBOB, BOB and JBISS!!! Judge: Mr. Rafael de Santiago (PR) The President of FCI ! On the same day at NDS Bellahusk Stephan Mr. Blue took exc.1, JCAC, JBOB, BOB, RBOG and JBIS III !! Judge: Mr. Roberto Velez Pico (PR)


18.09.2015. We are so happy and proud !! Today at speciality show of SZKKE (Hungary):
Bellahusk Send Me a Sign aka Wayne:
Excellent 1, Hungaria Prima Junior, Best of Breed, Junior Best in Speciality Show, BEST IN SPECIALITY SHOW!!
Judge: György Tesics (HU)

Wayne spec HU Wayne spec HU

12.09.2015. Speciality Show for V FCI group in Kać, organized by Spitz Club of Serbia:
- Bellahusk Send Me a Sign, junior class (co-owner with Renáta Bense): Junior Club winner, JBOB, BOB, Junior BISS. He is almost 13 months old and he was amazing !!
- Bellahusk's Rawle Marshall (baby class): VP1, BOB Baby, BISS Baby II !!
-Halizen's Silver Starr aka Duncan (open class) took excellent 3/5
and at the and our veteran Bela was BISS veteran II !!
Breed judge: Susanne Faust (Germany)
Biss judge: Masanori Fujimoto (Mexico) & Susanne Faust

Kac Kac

Kac Kac

05.09.2015. CAC Samobor (Croatia):
Belahusk Stephan Mr. Blue (Blue) - Exc.1, JCAC and JBOB! Judge: Erwin Deutscher (Austria)


30.08.2015. National dog show Trbovlje (Slovenia), Bellahusk Stephan Mr. Blue finished Slovenian Junior Championship. He won Exc1, JBOB and BOS!!! Judge: Linda Reinelt-Gebauer (Germany)


09.08.2015. National dog show Šid, showed 2 dogs, Halizen's Silver Starr aka Duncan (intermedia class) won BOB and R-BOG, Bellahusk's Nascha Nina (junior class) won JBOB. Also Duncan and Nina took RBIS couple !! Judge: Mr. Sinisa Sancanin . Big thanks to my friend and handler: Milorad Grujičić!


11.07. 2015. Szombathely Night CAC
Bellahusk Send Me a Sign aka Wayne
Excellent 1, HPJ, Best Junior, BEST OF BREED
Judge: Rony Doedijns (NL)

12.07.2015. Szombathely CACIB
Bellahusk Send Me a Sign aka Wayne
Excellent 1, HPJ, Best Junior, BEST OF BREED
Judge: Ruth Wagner (L)

With this results he is new HUNGARIAN JUNIOR CHAMPION!

Wayne Wayne

20.06.2015. Great results from CACIB Bled (SLO) Bellahusk Stephan Mr. Blue - "Blue" Excelllent 1, JCAC and JBOB!!! He is 10 months old!
Judge: Janet Lobb, CAN

Blue Blue

24.05.2015. National dog show Mosonmagyaróvár (HU):
Bellahusk Send Me a Sign aka Wayne:
Excellent 1 and JCAC (with this result he started his HJC). His first time in Junior class.
Judge: Ludmila Fintorova (Slovakia)
Handler & Co-owner: Renáta Bense


10.05.2015. NICE NEWS !! International dog show Banja Luka (BiH), Icily's Air Walker - Vito won CAC, CACIB, BOB and with this CACIB became INTER CH with only 2,5 years old !
Handler: Milorad Grujičić
Judge: Zoran Roknic
Vito and Martina Vuk won BIS in Junior handling.

Vito Vito

03.05.2015. At IDS CACIB Stara Pazova, Graffsiberians Vacheron Constantin won JBOB and finished Serbian Junior CH. Judge: Dragana Vlahovic. Day before at NDS Stari Banovci, Halizen's Silver Starr – Duncan started his Junior CH and won JCAC. Judge: Sinisa Sancanin


01.05.2015. NDS Valjevo,
Icily Air Walker - VITO , CAC, BOB
Bellahusk's Sena Pleše - SENA (puppy class), VP1, BOB puppy, puppy BIS III !!!
Judge: Miodrag Mile Nikic
It was very nice show, nice organization and honorable judges.

Sena Vito

On the same day, Bellahusk Send Me a Sign on Budapest Grand Prix;
Budapest Grand Prix:
Very promissing 1
Judge: Birte Scheel (DK)

SZKKE Clubshow:
Very promissing 1, Puppy BIS !!
Judge: Mrs Pam Douglas

Many thanks for his co-owner and handler Renata Bense.

Send Me a Sign

18.04.2015. CACIB Maribor /SLO/, Bellahusk Stephan Mr. Blue made nice results: Very promising, BOB puppy, and BIS PUPPY 1!!
Judges: Francesco Di Paola Nuzzo and Lidija Okleščen.

CACIB Maribor CACIB Maribor

05.04.2015. Nice news, CAC BARJE (SLOVENIA)
Bellahusk Stephan Mr. Blue aka Blue, VP 1, BOB puppy, among the TOP 5 in BIS !
Thanks to owners Ivan Pildek & Vesna Feguš !
Handler: Kaja Perkovic
Judge: Gerard Jipping /NL/


28-29.03.2015. Excellent results for Bellahusk kennel.
NDS Sremska Mitrovica 29.03.2015.
- Icily Air Walker (Vito) – open class, CAC, BOB, BOG BIS III !!
- Graffsiberians Vacheron Constantin (Costa), junior class - JCAC, JBOB, JBOG !
- Bellahusk's Nascha Nina (Nina), junior class – JCAC
Breed and group judge: Mrs. Dragana Vlahovic, junior group judge: Mr.Miodrag Vreteničić, BIS judge: Mr. Nenad Davidovic

Yesterday at IDS Bogatic 28.03.2015.
- Icily Air Walker (Vito) – open class, CAC, R-CACIB
- Bellahusk's Nascha Nina (Nina), junior class – JCAC, (first time in junior)
Judge: Mr. Vasko Mudresa

Thanks to everyone for nice company and support!


14-15.02.2015. We are happy to inform you about some results of our puppies from «S» litter:
Bellahusk Stephan Mr. Blue (first time at show):
- CACIB Celje (Slovenia) 14.02.2015, very promising I, best baby (judge: Damir Skok /CRO/)
- Special dog show FCI V Celje 14.02.2015, very promising I, best baby, BIS BABY III (judge: Franjo Kovačev /CRO/)
- CACIB WINTER WINNER Celje 15.02.2015, very promising 1, best baby, BIS BABY III (judge: John Walsh /IRL/)

Bellahusk Send Me A Sign:
FeHoVa Winter DogShow Budapest(Hungary) 14.02.2015, very promissing 1 in minor puppy class (judge: Péter Harsányi /HU/)

Celje Celje Budapest

07.12.2014. CACIB Belgrade the bigest show in Serbia and end of show season in Serbia for this year.
Bellahusk kennel presented 3 dogs:

- Bellahusk's Nascha Nina (puppy class), Vp1, BOB puppy and BIS II puppy
- Icily's Air Walker (open class), CAC, CACIB
- Graffsiberains Vacheron Constantin (junior class) JCAC

judge: Malgorzata W. Wierzchiwska (POL)


23.10.2014. European Dog Show Brno 2014, our boy Icily's Air Walker aka VITO (co-owned with Icily kennel) took excellent and 5th place out of 16 entered males in intermedia class. He was very nice at the ring and also as a companion all five days in Brno. Thank you Vito!

Vito@EDS2014 Vito@EDS2014

20.09.2014. Specialty Club Show organized by SPITZ CLUB OF SERBIA.
Given that we have participated in the organization, We showed only in the baby class.
On the same day was National dog show Kać.
We showed our 2 babies from "N" litter.
On both shows Bellahusk's Navarro La Bomba was VP1, Best male baby, BOB baby !
Bellahusk's Nascha Nina was VP1, Best female baby !
Unfortunately, because of the terrible weather we didn't stay for BISS and BIS.
Judge on National show: Mr. Nenad Matejevic
Judge on Specialty Club Show: Mrs. Nikolina Davidovska
Thanks to all owners and breeders who exhibited their dogs and make our exhibition richer and more beautiful.
Special thanks to all friends for nice company.


21.08.2014. BABY BOOM !! 21 of August we got our new litter.

Proudly presenting 9 babies, 4 females & 5 males.
Mother Pusia feels very good.
All puppies are gray-white, with variations from the brightest to the dark.
We did not expect such a big litter, but we feel happy and proud.
One of the girls will stay in the kennel.

Puppies 21082014

08.08.2014. We want to inform all my friends, breeders and husky owners that our club SPITZ CLUB SERBIA at 20 of September organize a SPECIAL SHOW for V FCI group in Serbia at Kac (some km far away from Novi Sad). On the same day is also CAC Kac. And with this two shows people from abroad can finish Serbian CH ! If you need any help for accommodation, transport… feel free to contact us. Here is web of our club with basic infos and online entry.

Spitz club of Serbia

Welcome you to Serbia!

06.05.2014. Our litter "N" has arrived

Date of birth: 06.05.2014.
We have 3 puppies (2 girls & 1 boy).
We are so happy and proud.
Sire: Vice Europa JW '13 JCH ICILY'S AIR WALKER (his first litter)


30.03.2014. National dog show Sremska Mitrovica, Vito did it again !! Vice Europa Junior Winner, JCH Icily's Air Walker (intermedia class) won CAC, BOB, BOG III !


That's not all.

Today, our baby guy Graffsiberians Vacheron Constantin aka COSTA made his debut in show career. He won baby class - very promised and indicated a nice future in show ring.


Judge: Sinisa Sancanin

29.03.2014. International dog show CACIB Bogatic, Vice Europa Junior Winner, JCH Icily's Air Walker aka Vito made his debut in intermedia class and done nice job ! He won CAC, CACIB, BEST IN BREED and BOG III !


Judge: Dragana Vlahovic (SRB)

14.02.2014. We are very happy to inform you that we have two new members in our pack. Young boy Costa comming from Russia and adult female Qana. More info you can see on their pages.

Costa Qana

20.11.2013. Our litter "K" has arrived.
We have 5 puppies (4 girls & 1 boy), very interesting colors
Mommy and babies feel great !
We are so happy and proud.

Litter K

03.11.2013. CACIB Belgrade - VITO did it again!!
Our young boy Vice Europa JW Icily's Air Walker won excellent 5, JBOB and BEST OF BREED!
He is just 11 months old!

Vito 03.11.2013.

With this tittle he finished his Serbian Junior CH!

05.10.2013. Great news in Bellahusk kennel!!
At national dog show in Sremska Mitrovica our young boy VICE EURO JW Icily's Air Walker a.k.a VITO won: excellent, JCAC, JBOB, BOB and BOG III !!! He is just 10 months old!

Vito@SremskaMitrovica Vito@SremskaMitrovica

Judge: Sinisa Sancanin
We are very proud of him.

15.09.2013. National Specialty show Raduno Seshi in Italy (150 Huskys entered), Multi JCH Flo Arrow Bellahusk made us very proud! She won exc. in intermediate class and was choosen under the best 7 dogs from 13 very nice female and got very nice judge descriptions.

Flo Arrow Flo Arrow

Judge: Mrs. Jan Sigler (USA)
Many thanks to owner Fabienne Polanz – Carinthian Fire Inside kennel (Austria) for nice care and excellent handling!

07.09.2013. Today on specialized dog show for V FCI group (Elit Dog Fest - EDF2013, Bačka Palanka):

our young boy Icily's Air Walker (VITO) won Junior Club Winner. Judge: Dragan Dolovac (SRB)

Vito on EDF2013

30.08.2013. GREAT NEWS in our kennel !!

European Dog Show Geneva (CH) 2013. Our beloved boy Icily's Air Walker - VITO became Vice EUROPEAN JUNIOR WINNER !!
He is only 9 months old !
We are more than proud !
Handler: Ante Lučin
Judge: Mr. Rony Doedijns (NL)

Vito at EDS2013

23.08.2013. One more amazing results for our young boy !!
His second show on Cynological week in Ohrid and He did it again !

CAC San Marino 23.08.2013.
Icily's Air Walker
Judge: Petru Muntean (RO)

20.08.2013. Ohrid, CAC GEORGIA, Our beloved boy Icily's Air Walker a.k.a Vito won PUPPY BIS !! Judge: Mile Aleksoski (MKD).

Thanks to breeder & co-owner Sanja Vretenicic and handler Ante Lučin !


09.06.2013. International dog show CACIB Šabac (SRB), performed two dogs:

* G.I. Jane Galladria Novitaris (open class) - 5, CAC, CACIB, BOB, BOG II and become NEW SERBIAN CHAMPION !
* Icily's Air Walker (puppy class) - VP1, BOB puppy
Judge: Jean Claude Klein (France)

Pusia Vito

06.05.2013. On specialized dog show for V FCI group in Apatin we performed our boy Icily's Air Walker "VITO", new member in our kennel. He competed in baby class an won BIS II, Judge: Boris Špoljarić (CRO) !!! We believe that this is just the beginning of an outstanding Vito's show career.

More information about our new boy you can find on his page.

Vito Vito

02.05.2013. Our litter "I" arrived. We have 3 girls and 2 boys. For more information feel free to contact us.

New litter

28.04.2013. Today we got fantastic news from Germany ! On International dog show in Kellinghusen (Germany), Josip Jay Bellahusk won BEST BABY IN SHOW on his first show at only 3 months !! Congratulations and many thanks to his owners Olaf Laudan & Tine (Spirit Of Falcon kennel).
On the same day on dog show in Serbia CAC Indjija our girl G.I. Jane Galladria Novitaris (open class) won excellent 5, CAC, BOS.


13.04.2013. International dog show CACIB Ruma (Serbia) - G.I.Jane Galladria Novitaris (open class) won: CAC, CACIB ! Judge: Zoran Ćurčić (SRB)


10.03.2013. International dog show CACIB Belgrade - We participated with two dogs:

G.I.Jane Galladria Novitaris (open class) won: CAC, CACIB, BOB !
Hobo Mance Bellahusk (puppy class) won BOB puppy
Judge: Tijana Konrad (SRB)



03.03.2013. First promotional race organized by Husky Center Lothlorien and Sleddog Sport Club Serbia. We participated in canicross discipline and won fourth place. Most important of all is that we had a great friendship with all lovers polar dogs. Thank you to everyone.

Fruska Gora

03.02.2013. WE HAVE GREAT NEWS !!
G.I.JANE GALLADRIA NOVITARIS is new member of our pack. We hope that she will be great addition to our kennel.

Pusia arrived

5 females and 2 males born in our kennel.
3 silver white, 3 red white and 1 light red white, sired by Freedom De La Vallee De Morava out of Sweet Melody Hasaki Team.
This is a repeat of our successful "E" litter ( )

Litter plan

08.-09.12.2012. Double CACIB show in Wels (Austria), Flo Arrow Bellahusk won on both days: Excellent 1 – Junior Winner and become a new AUSTRIAN JUNIOR CHAMPION. Thanks to her owner Fabienne Polanz.

Flo ArrowFlo Arrow

17.11.2012. Flo Arrow Bellahusk finished her Junior CH CROATIA at CACIB Zagreb. We are so happy and proud. This is only the beginning of a wonderful show career: Big thanks to her owner Fabienne Polanz (Carinthian Fire Inside Kennel, Austria).

14.10.2012. At the national dog show CAC Sremska Mitrovica Sweet Melody Hasaki Team won excellent /5/, CAC, BOS and become NEW SERBIAN CHAMPION! The judge was Nataša Davidović from Serbia.

30.09.2012. At the international dog show CACIB Novi Sad in the open class our Sweet Melody Hasaki Team won CAC and R. CACIB. The judge was Guido Vandoni from Italy.

20.07.2012. Today we got a new babies. Freedom De La Vallee De Morava is the father of puppies, mother is Charisma. We have 3 boys and 4 girls. More information in the “Puppies” section

17.06.2012. At the international exhibition of dogs of all breeds in Šabac we performed with two dogs. In the open class female Sweet Melody Hasaki Team won CAC, CACIB and BOB, while Emelie Schneetag Bellahusk in puppy class won VP1 and BOB puppy. The judge was Jean Claude Klein from France.

16.06.2012. At the national dog show for all breeds in Sremska Mitrovica our kennel is represented by two dogs. In the open class female Sweet Melody Hasaki Team won CAC and BOB, while Calina Bella Bellahusk in the junior class won Junior BOB and became the new young Serbian champion in beauty.

27.05.2012. On double CACIB in Varaždin (Croatia) on 26 and 27 May, young female from our breeding Flo Arrow Bellahusk, owned by kennel Carinthian Fire Inside, in Baby Class has achieved excellent results. The first day she won first place in the class, BOB baby and BIS baby 3rd. The exhibition was judged by Rita Reyneiers from Belgium. On the second day Flo Arrow Bellahusk won first place in the class, BOB baby and BIS
!! The judge was Theo Lehnen from Belgium.

06.05.2012. On specialized show for V FCI group in Apatin we performed with two dogs. In the baby class Emelie Schneetag Bellahusk won first place, while Sweet Melody Hasaki Team in open class females received an excellent mark and won the R. CAC.

16.04.2012. At the national dog show CAC Ruma our female, Calina Bella Bellahusk, was evaluated as excellent and won Best Junior, BOB and BOG 2, while Willow Siberian Night Star won CAC in open class.

15.04.2012. At the International Dog Show CACIB Inđija our kennel participated with two dogs. A young female, Bella Calina Bellahusk, was evaluated as excellent and won Best Junior, while Willow Siberian Night Star won the open class CAC, CACIB, giving him a mature condition for Serbian champions in beauty.

14.01.2012. At the International Dog Show CACIB Nürnberg (Germany) we presented our two dogs. In puppy class Calina Bella Bellahusk (young female from our breeding) won BOB Puppy, while Freedom De La Vallee De Morava in the intermediate class got excellent and took third place.

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